Saturday, March 12, 2011

Veena Malik not to seek asylum in India over Taliban threat

slamabad: Pakistani artiste Veena Malik, who has reportedly been threatened by the Taliban, has said she will not seek asylum in India.
Malik, who is currently in India appearing on television shows for the ICC World Cup 2011, said she had received a letter from the Taliban a few days back via a media house in Pakistan.

She had spoken to representatives of the media house, who confirmed its legitimacy, she added.

Malik said the letter has been sent from a Ahmed Masood of the Taliban, a daily reports.

The letter threatened to give Malik ‘exemplary punishment for her work in India’, and also threatened her family, said the Pakistani actress, adding that she would hold the government responsible if anything happened to them.

Malik, who became a household name in India following her stint on reality TV show Bigg Boss, said she will not seek asylum in India.

She will return to Pakistan as running away is not an option, she added.

Malik also said that Indian authorities had provided her with security, and that she was getting in touch with Pakistani authorities to inform them of the situation. 


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