Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shah Rukh Khan abandons Twitter, joins Facebook

Even as almost every big Bollywood star has been active on micro-blogging site Twitter, actor Shah Rukh Khan seems to have abandoned it (his last tweet, as appearing on the site on Monday, was posted on January 2).

Having over 8 lakh followers on Twitter, the news might shock his fans but SRK has joined popular social networking site Facebook instead. He however said that he would go back to Twitter as he has promised to do so.

"I went on Twitter for two reasons -- one, Karan told me and... I'll go back to it because I have promised one gentleman," SRK told Headlines Today recently admitting abandoning the micro-blogging site.

Reasoning it he said, "I have enough faces and names not liking me and saying it on my face. I'm ok with that, I can deal with that. But when it became nameless and faceless people saying things to me 'oh you are saying this because this is the agenda attached to it'... because people like to believe that if you are a movie star then you are manipulative, you have some agenda, that's why you are talking about."

"Like, suppose I write '@India Today Conclave having fun', somebody would write 'oh he is trying to show off that he was called to India Today Conclave and somebody else wasn't' or something nonsense. I started finding it ochha (cheap). I said I'm not going on this (Twitter). And there are only two people maybe out of 100 who are saying this but I'm over sensitive," Khan added.

Asked if he would be back on Twitter, the actor referred to a recent interview wherein he had promised to do so.

On the other side, SRK recently surprised his fans by joining Facebook. His Facebook page was inaugurated on Sunday with the online premiere of his 22-minute documentary on Mughal-e-Azam, which celebrates 51 years of the classic directed by K. Asif.

Khan would also be promoting his upcoming film Ra.One on Facebook.

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