Saturday, March 5, 2011

THDC asked to pull up socks on Koteshwar HEP implementation

Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has asked THDC to pick up the pace of works at its upcoming 400-mw Koteshwar hydroelectric project site. Though the project authorities are confident of commissioning the projects within the current Plan, according to the authority, there still remain critical activities to be monitored at the site which can lead to slippage of the commissioning of the units to the next Plan.

In a recent report after conducting a site visit to the Koteshwar project, the Authority stated that commissioning of two units were programmed by March 2011 and balance two units in the year 2011-12. However, due to flooding of Power House in September 2010, there are lot of activities to be carried out for refurbishment of equipments and various systems. Considering the activities associated with refurbishment of Unit 1 and associated auxiliaries system and balance work for other units, the commissioning of the first unit by March 2011 seems to be critical. Further, all efforts need to be taken by Project authorities to ensure commissioning off all the four units in the 11th Plan, the CEA reported.

The flooding of the power house resulted in submergence of various equipments. Before flooding of power house, erection of Unit 1 and associated auxiliaries was in progress. Currently, refurbishment activities for Unit 1 are being carried out and the damaged excitation system of unit has been replaced with Unit 4. Replacement of auxiliary systems and panels is being taken up and various equipments earmarked for Unit 3 and 4 are presently being used for refurbishment of Unit 1 and 2. The process for procurement of these items needs to be initiated and to be perused further with BHEL and other contractors for timely delivery so that all the four units can be commissioned within 11th Plan, the Authority stated. 

Koteshwar Project is a run-off-river scheme with minimum diurnal storage on Bhagirathi river in Uttaranchal. The project is an integral part of the 2400 mw Tehri Hydro Power Complex. It comprises of a 97.5 m. high concrete Dam and Surface Power House, housing 4 units of 100 mw each and is located around 22 kilometers downstream of Tehri Dam. The Koteshwar Project will regulate water releases from Tehri Reservoir for irrigation purposes. The reservoir created by Koteshwar Dam shall also function as balancing reservoir for Tehri Pumped Storage Plant.

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