Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mumbai to host ‘Inter Airport India 2011

Inter Ads Brooks has announced “Inter Airport India, 3rd International Exhibition for Airport Technology, Equipment and Services” for the Indian aviation industry. This event is slated for March 8th till March 10th, 2011, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai. 

In this high-profiled exposition, Inter Airport India will bring together many of the world’s leading suppliers of airport equipment, technology and services. 

India, which is the 9th largest aviation market in the world, exudes tremendous opportunities for businesses that assist in building and maintaining aviation infrastructure. It has been speculated that the AAI (Airport Authorities of India) is set to spend over US$ 1.02 billion towards modernization of non-metro airports in the years to come. AAI is also planning a city-side development of 24 airports across the country. In order to create world class airports, the government has recognized the need for the involvement of private players in the development of airport infrastructure. 

Additionally 11 new green-field airports have been identified to reduce passenger load on existing airports. All these developments have presented an opportunity to private players to showcase their competent products and benefit from the business opportunities offered by the dynamic Indian Airport Infrastructure. 

Apart from the high-tech products and services that will be displayed the exhibition will focus on several hard-hitting issues that the aviation industry is confronting in the form of panel discussions addressed by the who’s who of the industry. The event also presents a unique proposition for networking with industry professionals.

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