Friday, April 15, 2011

Gerard is a friend: Kangna

Hollywood actor, Gerard Butler has his eyes set on Indian shores. 

Well, Indian beauties to be more precise. First he made news when he befriended Priyanka Chopraand then Udita Goswami. And now rumours are flying fast and furious about his special friendship with Kangna Ranaut

Sometime back, he dropped in on the sets, while she was shooting in New York. Followed by media reports of their secret four-day getaway to an undisclosed location. Kangs was livid reading about yet another romantic link-up. "Yes, it's true, Gerard is a friend. He dropped in on the sets to meet me when I was shooting in New York. But that's all there was. Other news reports about me going on a holiday with him are all rubbish," she clarified exclusively to zoOm. For more Bollywood news and gossip, keep watching Planet Bollywood everyday at 7 pm, only on zoOm.

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