Thursday, April 7, 2011

Aamir Khan says Anna Hazare deserves greater support than cricket team

NEW DELHI: Actor Aamir Khan says the country should extend greater support to Anna Hazare's struggle for a strong anti-corruption law than it did to the Indian cricket team's quest for the World Cup. In a letter to the social activist, who is on fast unto death demanding that the government co-opt the civil society in drafting the Lokpal Bill, the actor said the struggle against corruption was "infinitely more important, and affects each and every one of us". 

In the letter sent on April 6, the actor called Hazare an inspiration for the youth of India and said that he had written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singhasking him to pay heed to Hazare's appeal. 

In his letter to the Prime Minister, Khan said: "I would like to humbly submit to you that, based on all the material that I have read, what Mr Hazare is saying makes a lot of sense to me." 

"I am one of over a billion citizens of this country who is affected by, and most concerned about, corruption in our country. The last few months have witnessed some shocking exposés. In fact our society has been plagued by this sickness over the last few decades. I am one of the many who feel that strong steps need to be taken as corrective measures," the actor wrote to the Prime Minister. 

He further wrote: "It is therefore with great hope and all humility that I request you to pay heed to the voice of Mr Anna Hazare. I would like to submit to you that the nation is slowly but surely collecting behind Mr Hazare in appreciation for what he is fighting for. I am merely one of many who support Mr Hazare and have come to appreciate that this upright 72-year-old man is willing to sacrifice his life in the fight against corruption."

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  1. Wants to LOOT India? Be safe and not to be Prosecuted? Be a Govt Official, Bureaucrat or Politicians. This is the direct message by Govt by making all laws to protect them from Criminal charges and no action could be taken legally. The result is Judges becomes LAW MAFIA, Army Officials becomes LAND MAFIAS, Tainted Officials and Corrupt Politicians are like TERMITES who eats away the base of country. Every Family members of LOOTERS must be arrested to Support, Share and Enjoy the Loot. TIHAR-2 must be built for only Tainted Officials, Bureaucrats and Corrupt Politicians. The only solution is Jan Lokpal Bill to bring and put them in Jail . Support ANNA HAZARE, Save INDIA……JAI HIND.


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