Monday, April 25, 2011

For IT hiring, 2011 to be landmark yr after 2007

BANGALORE: The calendar 2011 is expected to be a landmark year for tech hiring and job movements after 2007 as market visibility improves, global customers step up spending and pipelines remain packed. External head hunters are optimistic of a very bullish trend with hiring requirements going up substantially this year by 60% to 70%, compared to last year's 20% jump over the previous year. 

The industry will see around 2 lakh fresh engineering graduates entering the job market this year while another 3 lakh people will move and change jobs within the industry. Also, there will be another over a lakh graduates (BSc computer science, electronics, and bachelor of computer applications) coming to the market from colleges across the country. 

Also, some 50,000 mid-to-senior people are expected to join the IT industry from traditional verticals like manufacturing, auto, oil, telecom and logistics as the sector is suffering from an acute shortage of senior talent, say industry observers. 

The IT/ITES industry employs around 15 lakh people and at least 25% of it that population will be part of a job churn/change this year. "Many people stayed put in organizations for the last three years due to sheer want of options outside. All in this category are exploring opportunities outside and moving," said B S Murthy, CEO, LeadershipCapital, an IT hiring firm

So calendar 2011 will witness a net hiring of around 4 lakh people (campus and lateral), against 2 lakh in 2010. Calendar 2009 was the worst year, with less than 1 lakh people getting jobs, with companies going back on their campus commitments and widespread lay-offs. Year 2008 saw a hiring of 2.5 lakh while calendar 2007 was a bumper year that threw up 5 lakh jobs in the market. 

"The mood today is very optimistic. Therefore, clearly there is an upsurge in hiring. The intake of IT and retail sector is surely going to more than double this year," says K Jayshankar, MD,Empowered Learning Systems. Fresh hiring will be led by domestic players like Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys Technologies and Wipro. Freshers will account for 70% to 80% of their hiring this year while MNCs like IBM, Accenture, HP and Capmini will drive the lateral hiring sector each with an annual mandate of 15,000 to 20,000 people. 

According to Nirupama V G, MD, AdAstra Consultants: "The quantum of people requirement from companies has rapidly increased in the last a quarter or so. To meet this requirement, some external hirers were forced to increase the number of their support staff, after maintaining a thin staffline for last three years."

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