Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wind Power Mexico :: Green Power Conferences

This event will be simultaneously translated in Spanish & English

La conferencia será traducida simultáneamente en Inglés y Español
US$ 2.1bn was invested in clean energy in Mexico last year, 86% of which was in wind

Wind Power Mexico will provide stakeholders with the opportunity to meet with domestic and international market-leaders, and the all important policy-makers, to set the agenda for dramatic expansion in the Mexican wind market. Mexico is poised to play a leading role in Latin America’s rapid wind energy growth and with ambitious targets in place, it’s critical to establish market share now.
3,000 MW of wind by 2014

Mexico’s nascent wind power industry is working to install up to 3GW of wind power generation by 2014, six times more than the 0.5GW currently online, according to industry leaders. The government is launching a range of economic incentives to breathe life into Mexico’s huge wind potential and with a large number of projects already in production, now is the time to invest in this market.

The Mexican government has a target of 2.5GW of wind to be installed by 2012. This goal is considered to be realistic due to over 3GW of construction permits that have been awarded by regulators to private developers.

Wind Power Mexico gives you the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the leaders shaping the future of the market. The event will bring together the key stakeholders in the value chain to discuss how to drive this dynamic market forward and the policies and legislation that need to be put in placeto ensure its continued growth.

Source: Wind Power Mexico :: Green Power Conferences

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