Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Justin Bieber’s 3D Film Never Say Never To Get A Directors Cut

Even though this flick might be running in theatres, Justin Bieber’s 3D film“Never Say Never” will get a director’s cut soon. This movie has already won many accolades in theatres, but Paramount is also planning to launch a special director's cut of it.

The film got good opening and climbed up the charts to take 29.5 million dollars across North America lately.

Although movie director Jon M. Chu has been working till now doing works for this, it is not over yet. He and his team are on their way to Europe for the first showing of “Never Say Never” flick in London in addition to Paris.

Paramount will have to show their film one more time to the rating board as new scenes will be added. As of now, the existing film can continue in theatres.


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