Friday, February 11, 2011

Loos Boiler Systems are the Technology of Choice for the Huge Tauern Spa World in Austria - Power Technology

The extraordinary, 48,000m² Tauern Spa World opened in Kaprun, Austria in November 2010, right in time for the start of the winter. The four-star hotel with 160 rooms and suites boasts a gigantic spa landscape with more than 2,000m² of water area plus sauna world, wellness area and places to eat and drink. This newest resort from Vamed Vitality World, set against a breathtaking natural backdrop, offers not just outstanding spa facilities but is also the ideal base for exploring the Hohe Tauern national park.

Carefree relaxation is assured, because the complex was built with a strong focus on conserving resources and the environment. For this reason - among others - two Unimat UT-L heating boilers from Bosch Thermotechnik subsidiary Loos were chosen to meet the resort's power requirements. The Loos boiler system ensures an economical, environmentally friendly heat supply. The system's low-NOx burners currently run on natural gas, but biogas will also be used following the completion of a biogas plant nearby.

Integrated stainless-steel flue gas heat exchangers use condensing technology for optimal heat recovery, and reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The LBC/LSC plant management system ensures data transparency and offers a range of analysis options to keep the boilers running economically in the long term. Touch-screen controls allow the operator to call up easy-to-read displays of operating signals, fault messages, burner operating hours, temperatures, and thermal quantities. The system's superior features also include Loos Teleservice, with the help of which all system data can be easily accessed, analysed and optimised via remote access.

It was the energy company Salzburg AG – the company responsible overall for the airconditioning and heating supply at Tauern Spa World – that awarded the contract for the hotel's power plant. The Salzburg-based engineering company Karres TB GmbH was commissioned with the planning and design of the plant, while the equipment was brought in and installed by the plant construction company Ortner GesmbH from Innsbruck who were in charge of the overall execution of the building technology and who placed the order with Loos. The Loos Austria sales team was on hand to support those working on the project in all aspects of Loos' innovative boiler technology.

Source: Loos Boiler Systems are the Technology of Choice for the Huge Tauern Spa World in Austria - Power Technology

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