Thursday, February 10, 2011

Social gaming landscape heats up in India - Technology news

Bangalore: Thanks to easy access to mobile and internet facilities, the social gaming in India is warming up. According to social gaming experts, the growth of social networks sites, the time spent by users on them, the high entertainment value proposition and opportunity to engage in fun and casual interaction with friends are some of the reason that are fueling the social gaming market.

There are more than 500 million people worldwide play social games. In case of India, over 10 million users in Facebook play social games, said Deepak Abbot, Vice President-Product, Only 10 percent of users in social network sites really active posting their pictures or providing updates on social life, while others play social games.

Gaming in India though dominated by men, has a sizeable women gaming population as well. Games that favour aesthetic expressions, building and growing a farm found favour with women, while games relating to mafia, violence and hard core action saw men gravitate toward them. 

The age profile of social gamers is usually 18-34. However, the Indian social gamer is a bit younger than the average international gamer. Women constitute 30 per cent of the Facebook and Internet users in India, the same per cent can also be assumed in the social gaming space.

Source: Social gaming landscape heats up in India - Technology news

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