Tuesday, February 8, 2011

3 thermal power houses set a new record

The Thermal Power Stations of Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Company Limited have added yet another feather in their caps with setting a new record of maximum generation of electricity in a day. Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power Station, Birsinghpur has touched the highest mark with generating 302.03 lakh unit power on January 26. This is the third record of the station.

Amarkantak Thermal Power House Chachai, Satpura Thermal Power House Sarni of Power Generating Company Limited reached 575.76 lakh unit power generation on January 25. Prior to this, all three Power Houses had registered generation of 573.67 lakh units of electricity on January 20 breaking record of 2009 year.

Similarly, Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power House, Birsinghpur has also broken six days back record with registering 302.03 lakh unit power generation at 93.91 percent plant load factor on January 26. Earlier, 297.14 lakh unit at 92.39 percent PLF on January 20 and 294.34 lakh units were generated on January 14. Thus, Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power House has to its credit to generate maximum power generation in one day in a period of 26 days.

Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board Chairman Shri Pankaj Agrawal and other officials have expressed happiness and extended greetings to the officials and employees on the achievement.

Source: Central Chronicle - Madhya Pradesh's News Portal

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