Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jindal Steel starts land survey for coal mining

DURGAPUR, 6 FEB: Chinese mining experts, appointed by Jindal Steel for the purpose, started a survey for a coal mining project in the Sarpi-Ichapur area in Laudoha block about 12 km from Durgapur town. The coal deposits were located in January, 2011. A group of 31 Chinese coal mining experts headed by Mr U Lee were seen conducting land survey in the Ichapur-Sarpi area this morning. They were given adequate police protection apprehending local protests against the project.

Jindal Steel was awarded three captive coal blocks in Ichapur, Kulti and Salanpur in Burdwan district for extracting coal for the purpose of running its proposed steel plant at Salboni in Midnapore West. Incidentally, the project had met with protests from the People’s Committee against Police Action (PCPA) which brought a long-sustained political turmoil in Lalgarh and its adjoining areas, experiencing a slew of police-Maoist encounters in recent times. Jindal Steel officials had intimated the nearby Laudoha police station of the survey prior to the visit of Chinese experts. The West Bengal Mineral Trading Development Corporation, the prime custodian of coal blocks, had awarded mining lease to the Jindals for the purpose of captive usage. The Ichapur – Sarpi mine, according to experts: “Would have a 10 square km operation zone and would be an underground mine lifting coal from the seam reserve located 1400 ft underground. 80 to 90 drillings will be conducted to know the thickness of the seam bed.” The company is planning to use Chinese or Australian technology for coal extraction from the mine. sns

Source: Jindal Steel starts land survey for coal mining

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