Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jaitapur nuclear plant no threat to life: Former Atomic Energy Commission chairman - Mumbai - DNA

Former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), Anil Kakodkar, on Friday said the Jaitapur nuclear power project in Ratnagiri district posed no threat to marine or human life and to horticulture in the Konkan. He stressed that development and environment have to be looked at together and not in isolation.

Kakodkar was speaking on ‘Development and Environment’ while releasing the second issue of Change for Better, a quarterly thought journal of Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL).

He said the radiation from a coal power plant was much higher than that of nuclear power plant. “It is not so high that it will affect normal life. The radiation from nuclear power plant is just slightly more than natural radiation. We experience higher radiation even when flying on board a plane, but that does not affect us adversely.

There is no reason why we should fear that Jaitapur will cause damage to cultivation or marine life. Similarly, there is no reason to fear nuclear reactor as well,” he said.

Stressing the need to develop a science of developing models to see what will be the state of affair in a given situation, he said the problem of environment can be handled if we have such models to test the effects of projects before launching them.

“We have to encourage developing such scientific models because it is important to look at development and environment together. All technologies have some problems, but they generate wealth and improve quality of life. The answer to problems caused by technology again lies in technology. We need to look at how we can use technology to tackle problems,” he added.

Magazine editor Bhanu Kale said it is a platform for debating ideas for a better world. In the age of information overload, the magazine is aimed at focusing on the good in society and instilling values and ethics. It will also focus on innovative solution to problems.

Former cabinet secretary BG Deshmukh, who chaired the programme, said development and environment have to be considered together. He said he regretted clearing the Tehri dam, but added that the situation then was very different from what it is now.

“We can certainly look at development while considering environment at the same time. We have to develop scientific models as said by Kakodkar,” he stressed.

MKCL managing director Vivek Sawant was present.

Source: Jaitapur nuclear plant no threat to life: Former Atomic Energy Commission chairman - Mumbai - DNA

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