Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BJP MP threatens economic blockade against CIL, NTPC

BJP Lok Sabha MP from Godda (Jharkhand) Nishikant Dubey has written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, threatening to block coal mining operations of Coal India Ltd (CIL) and enforce economic blockade against the CIL and NTPC in Santhal Pargana region as these two are “not doing” enough for the betterment of the local people.

“I am informing your good office about the economic blockade from 15th February, 2011, onwards against Coal India Limited and NTPC for not doing any CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities in Naxal-affected most backward Santhal Pargana region of Jharkhand,” Dubey wrote to the PM on Thursday, alleging his repeated attempts to secure desired attention from both the PSUs for the local people had failed.

“We will stop coal mining operation of Coal India Limited in this region and supply of coal to NTPC’s Kehlgaon and Farakka Super Thermal Power Plant will be completely stopped. The supply of coal to NTPC plants based in Punjab will be stopped as well,” he added.

The BJP MP said the NTPC had incurred an expenditure of only about Rs 2 crore in his constituency since the inception of its plant about 29 years ago. “Coal India says that they are in loss but the fact is that the operation in Santhal Pargana region is very profitable for them and they simply cannot escape/elude/avoid their CSR responsibilities in this region,” the letter noted.

He alleged that the NTPC had failed to provide jobs to the people displaced during the setting up of the NTPC project in Santhal region.

Source: BJP MP threatens economic blockade against CIL, NTPC

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