Thursday, February 10, 2011

Android run Kineo tablet for students launches in March

Bangalore: A Taiwanese company called Brainchild is bringing tablets to schools. The Android run Kineo tablet from the company is custom made for school going kids. The tablet will start shipping from March and can be pre-ordered now at $299.

The 7-inch display screen tablet has a pixel resolution of 800 X 480. It has dual core 800 MHz CPU and runs on Android 2.1. The tablet ships with 2GB of internal memory.

However, apart from the mandatory features, where Kineo scores is the features that are missing in it. When it says it has been customised for students, in order not to distract them, the company has omitted features like camera, SMS, thereby being specific to its purpose. Also it can be programmed so that students can access websites approved by the teachers. All these qualities do make the Kineo very apt for its target audience.

Apart from these, the Kineo comes with a rugged design keeping in mind its users and the battery runs for 10-12 hours after one charge.

With iPad making its way to the Singapore schools, and now Kineo all set to launch, we wonder will Sakshat ever see the light of the day?

Source: Android run Kineo tablet for students launches in March - Tech Products news

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